Wednesday, June 3, 2009



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing system which addresses the whole body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The body is an amazing web of energy, and in order to return to wellness and whole health, all the levels of our being must be addressed. Medical research has determined that continual stress can block the body's natural ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself. Negative emotions drain your energy and vitality and depress your immune system. Fear, anger, resentment will manifest in your physical body. A balanced energy system is one way we can help to defend our bodies against disease. Reiki, which is channeled through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver, balances the energy flow in the body. It releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and helps to relieve pain and stress. It strengthens the immune system and promotes faster healing. It aids in the bodies ability in relaxation and meditation and promotes positive thinking. Reiki also works on plants and animals. Reiki is a very simple and easy to learn technique for health and personal development. It is not a belief system or a religion. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Benefits of Reiki

* Strengthens the immune system.
*Helps in relieving pain.
*Supports healing and traditional medical therapies.
*Works on the symptoms and their deeper cause.
*Relieves stress and increases relaxation.
*Balances and harmonizes the function of glands and organs.
*Clears energy blockages and suppressed emotions.
*Balances the chakras.
*Opens and accelerates spiritual growth and increases intuition.
*The benefits of Reiki are not limited to healing.

Reiki can also be used for the expansion of personal growth and manifitation.


What Happens in a Reiki Treatment?

What happens in a reiki treatment? A person lies fully clothed on a massage table or seated in a massage chair and the practitioner places their hands on or over the body. Some practitioners use a very specific set of hand positions and work their way over the entire body, others follow a more intuitive empathic approach and go where they are guided to work with the individual client.
Who can learn to do Reiki? Reiki is a very simple technique to learn and is not dependent on one having any prior experience with healing, meditation or any other kind of training. It has be successfully learned by over one million people from all walks of life, both young an old. The reason it is so easy to learn that it is not taught in the usual way something is taught. The ability to do Reiki is simply transferred from the teacher to the student through a process called an attunement that takes place during a Reiki class. As soon as one receives an attunement, they have the ability to do Reiki and after that whenever one places their hands on themselves or on another person with the intention of doing Reiki, the healing energy will automatically begin flowing.
What does a Reiki treatment feel like? What one experiences during a Reiki treatment varies somewhat from person to person. However, feelings of deep relaxation are usually felt by all. In addition, many feel a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and surrounds them. As the Reiki energy encourages one to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings a state of peace and well-being is experienced. Some drift off to sleep, a sense of deep relaxation or in some cases people report intuitive insight during a session. At the end of the treatment, one feels usually feels refreshed "lighter with a more balanced outlook.
What is a Reiki attunement? A Reiki attunement is the process by which a person receives the ability to give Reiki treatments. The attunement is administered by the Reiki Master during the Reiki class or during a remote session. During the attunement process, the reiki master uses special techniques taught at the master level to pass the attunment into the crown, heart and hands activating the attunment in the new reiki practitioner. The attunement is passed through the Reiki Master and into the student. The attunment process is guided by Spirit and connects the student to the source of Reiki. Because the energetic aspect of the attunement is guided by the Spirit, it adjusts itself to be exactly right for each student. During the attunement, some students feel warmth in the hands, others may see colors or have intuitive insight. However, it is not necessary to have an inner experience for the attunement to have worked. Most simply feel more relaxed. The attunment is similar to having an electric cord that now connects you permanently to the source of reiki. It flows naturally and without limit when needed for self and others.

Intuitive Readings

Reiki Master Marcy LaBella has studied alternative energy healing and Reiki since 1992. Psychic readings unfold through gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance and begin with a reading of a persons energy body or aura. She works through her own spirit guides and through them connects with your guides and ancestors. Marcy also uses the Runes, Tarot and other oracle cards to tap into specific issues the sitter may have. Her practice consists of private healing sessions, volunteer work in reiki and pet assisted therapy and teaching others to use the wonderful natural healing system of Reiki. Reiki classes are geared towards the practical use of the energy, opening up the intuition, healing for self, other people and pets and the use of energy for self empowerment and wellness. Marcy is also a full time artist in the mediums of clay and metal smithing and mixed media painting.

When to consider getting a reading:
I believe in using readings from a psychic or an oracle as a tool we can use to give us more clarity and insight so that we can make more thoughtful decisions regarding our current situations and those regarding our futures. I will also say that they should not be used as a crutch, you should try to limit yourself to getting a general overall reading no more then every 3 months or so. Running from reading to reading and psychic to psychic will not change your problems, just waste your money.

* when you find yourself at a crossroad
*when you need clarity with a difficult decision or situation
*when it seems like the universe keeps throwing you curve balls and you can't figure out why

What to keep in mind after you have consulted the services of an oracle or had a psychic reading:

Don't forget that the information that comes through in your readings such as ones you do yourself with the use of an oracle, such as angel cards, tarot or the runes and those that you would get from a professional psychic are the most probable outcome if things are to proceed as they are going to without any intervention. They may also reveal your highest potentials, possible roadblocks or trouble spots. As human beings we have free will, and the ability to change our destiny, we can shift energy and turn even the most negative situations around with positive thinking and actions. This also goes for reversing positive potential around with negetive thinking and energy. So keep in mind when consulting a professional, even if you may not get the answers you want to hear, a reputable psychic will deliver the information that comes through in your reading in a professional and tactful manner which should give you the clarity to see the situation from a broader viewpoint. This should enable you to go forward and shift the energy to a more favorable outcome. Never forget that our freewill allows us the ability to re-work our lives and re-create our destiny.

At this time I am no longer doing private readings since I have been concentrating on teaching art and reiki.  ~Many Blessings~

The Runes

I have been studying the Runes since I began making rune sets in clay about 8 years back. Once I started working with the tiles I made at the request of others I was hooked and their mysteries took over. The more I learn about this facinating divination system the more there is to learn, about it lore and mysteries. I combine my intuitive readings with Runes and Tarot, I appreciate the additional insight the oracles provide and use them as door openers. I know I am on when the intuitive, tarot and runes all come out saying basically the same message with the occasional "twist".

Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick. They were used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from about 100 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E.

In Norse mythology, Odin, the Norse High God of the Aesir, hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, impaled on his own spear, for nine days and nights in order to gain the knowledge of runes. When the runes appeared below him, he reached down and took them up, and the runic knowledge gave him power . He later passed on this knowledge to the Vanir goddess Freya. She, in turn, taught him the magic of seidr. Heimdall, the god who guarded the Rainbow Bridge, taught the runes to mankind.

Runes are an oracle from which one seeks advice. They work best if you detail your current circumstances and then ask a specific question. Rune readings are sometimes obscure. It is a form of divination that requires the reader to use their own intuitive gifts and knowledge of the oracle. Runic divination or "rune casting" is not "fortunetelling" in the sense that one actually sees the future. Instead, runes give one a means of analyzing the path that one is on and a likely outcome. The future is not fixed. As beings with free will we can change our own futures.