Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Intuitive Readings

Reiki Master Marcy LaBella has studied alternative energy healing and Reiki since 1992. Psychic readings unfold through gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance and begin with a reading of a persons energy body or aura. She works through her own spirit guides and through them connects with your guides and ancestors. Marcy also uses the Runes, Tarot and other oracle cards to tap into specific issues the sitter may have. Her practice consists of private healing sessions, volunteer work in reiki and pet assisted therapy and teaching others to use the wonderful natural healing system of Reiki. Reiki classes are geared towards the practical use of the energy, opening up the intuition, healing for self, other people and pets and the use of energy for self empowerment and wellness. Marcy is also a full time artist in the mediums of clay and metal smithing and mixed media painting.

When to consider getting a reading:
I believe in using readings from a psychic or an oracle as a tool we can use to give us more clarity and insight so that we can make more thoughtful decisions regarding our current situations and those regarding our futures. I will also say that they should not be used as a crutch, you should try to limit yourself to getting a general overall reading no more then every 3 months or so. Running from reading to reading and psychic to psychic will not change your problems, just waste your money.

* when you find yourself at a crossroad
*when you need clarity with a difficult decision or situation
*when it seems like the universe keeps throwing you curve balls and you can't figure out why

What to keep in mind after you have consulted the services of an oracle or had a psychic reading:

Don't forget that the information that comes through in your readings such as ones you do yourself with the use of an oracle, such as angel cards, tarot or the runes and those that you would get from a professional psychic are the most probable outcome if things are to proceed as they are going to without any intervention. They may also reveal your highest potentials, possible roadblocks or trouble spots. As human beings we have free will, and the ability to change our destiny, we can shift energy and turn even the most negative situations around with positive thinking and actions. This also goes for reversing positive potential around with negetive thinking and energy. So keep in mind when consulting a professional, even if you may not get the answers you want to hear, a reputable psychic will deliver the information that comes through in your reading in a professional and tactful manner which should give you the clarity to see the situation from a broader viewpoint. This should enable you to go forward and shift the energy to a more favorable outcome. Never forget that our freewill allows us the ability to re-work our lives and re-create our destiny.

At this time I am no longer doing private readings since I have been concentrating on teaching art and reiki.  ~Many Blessings~

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